New types of processors

We have been discussing processors for servers for a long time, and today we will discuss new solutions in the processor industry that have been presented or will be presented in the near future. 


New solutions in data storage

Earlier we talked about SSD and HDD.   You can read it here!  Today we will talk about new SSD solutions that were introduced not so long ago.  


The fastest RAM in the world

At the moment, almost all servers use the DDR5-4800 memory standard. This standard of memory in the near future will be displaced by a completely new species that surpasses its ancestor many times. Currently, SK hynix has introduced DDR5 MCR DIMM RAM


RAM for the server or RAM with ECC

RAM for servers is different from normal RAM. However, what the differences are may not be entirely clear. A little below we will give a list of differences and answer the question - is it possible to use RAM for a server on a regular computer. 


Cooling of computers and servers

A cooler is two elements connected to each other, namely a fan and a radiator. There are different coolers from the cheapest, which can only cool processors with 2 cores and up to dropsy.