Best Apps for Linux

The best applications for Linux 2022

Everyone who uses servers needs applications for their needs. Someone needs applications for communication (E-mail, messengers, IP telephony), someone uses servers to work with projects and needs editors (Video and photo editors), and others need to work with code at all.


Installing RocketChat on linux

Introduction In this article, we will look at how to install RocketChat in linux? This guide is suitable for those who are looking for an alternative way to communicate with colleagues or friends.

Best Distribution

Comparison of the three best distributions

  Linux is an operating system with a large number of distributions (more than several hundred).


SMTP Server Installation on Windows Server

In every organization, it may be necessary to write and receive letters, but it is not always possible to use mail services. For example, if you use Gmail to receive emails, it cannot be called completely secure.

Backup Windows

How to enable Server Backup on Windows Server

In order not to lose important data that you place on the server. For example, databases or something else needs to be backed up, which will be safe regardless of the system.