Pydio: overview and benefits

​Today we will talk about file sharing, in our world, information is exchanged on an ongoing basis, but in order to avoid possible problems with the transfer and storage of information, you will need a place through which all this can be done.


Information about NetData

As we discussed earlier, monitoring is an integral part of the work of a system administrator. It is thanks to monitoring that it is possible not only to find out about problems, but also to eliminate them before they appear.


What is Neo4j and how to use it?

We all know that databases are an integral aspect in any business, it is important to know which databases there are, how to work with them, what advantages they have and when it will be convenient to use one of them. 


What is Caddy and how to install it?

​Everyone who is at least a little interested in IT knows what a Web server is and today we will analyze one of them, namely the Caddy web server. We will tell you what it is, what advantages it has and how to install it on your server. 


Dolibarr ERP what is it and how to install it?

We continue to discuss the topic of software for business and today we will talk about very useful software, namely, we will talk about Dolibarr.  In this article you will learn what Dolibarr ERP/CRM is, what advantages it has, how much it costs and how to install it on your server.