Wordpress Security

WordPress Practical tips for securing

No one will argue that the security of the site (blog) plays a very important role. I don’t know why this is happening, but most people start to think about safety exactly when something has already happened.

Best Wordpress Plugins

8 best caching plugins for WordPress

Once you were happy with the performance of your WordPress site, but now you find it is not as lightning fast as it used to be? If so, consider installing a caching plugin for WordPress.

WodrPress Plugins

How to Install Plugins Manually ON WordPress

Installing plugins from the WordPress Dashboard is so easy that you probably never need to know how to manually install a plugin via FTP. But this method is still useful to know if the WordPress plugin directory is defective or not available.


How to install CheckMK on Linux Server

Any server requires constant monitoring and settings due to which it will be safe to use.


Linux Server backup

In order to keep your data safe in case of a failure or hacker attacks, they must be archived from time to time. The data that you have archived must be stored on a separate hard drive so that in case of a threat they are safe and inaccessible to viruses or hackers.