What is Angular and who needs it?

What is Angular?​ Angular is a development platform for creating advanced web applications in programming languages like TypeScript, JavaScript, Dart. 


KeeWeb as a way to store passwords and logins in 2023

​What is KeeWeb? KeeWeb is a cross-platform password manager that you can use on any platform and online. Supports themes, layouts, data synchronization, etc. 


What is osTicket and how to work with it?

What is osTicket? osTicket is a free ticket support system. It is used in many call centers, customer support services and companies with other areas where there is also a large number of customers.


Video cards and information about them

A video card is an optional tool for PCs or servers. Allows you to run graphically heavy processes such as: games, video editing, photo processing and others.  In today's article we will talk just about video cards: 


Motherboards and information about them

Motherboards are the basis for all computers and servers. It is in the motherboard that all the components that we talked about earlier are placed.