Information about Windows server

What is Windows server for what is it needed and what is eaten with? Now we will consider this issue with you. Windows Server - Designed specifically for doing business. Don't forget.


Description Windows server 2022

Each OS system eventually becomes unusable due to the termination of updates. That is why at the moment the use of older OS versions is not recommended (Yes, even if you are used to working in them).

Windows Version

Comparison of Windows versions what is difference?

There are a large number of different versions of Windows server OS starting from 2003 and ending with the latest at the moment 2019. What are the differences between them? Why upgrade to a newer version when it appears? Now we will answer these questions.


How to check badblocks on HDD and SSD?

None of us wants to lose the data of a hard drive or solid-state drive due to an unexpected failure. After all, it is very dangerous for business and because of the usual inattention, you can lose a tidy sum of money.


HDD & SSD Which one to choose?

To build a computer or server, you will need a data warehouse, but which one is better to use and why? Now we will sort out this issue with you, and also find out the advantages and disadvantages of each storage.