Winvods vs linux

Windows And Linux which one is better?

Every user once asks himself the question: Which is better to use Linux or Windows?

Installing WordPress on Linux

Installing WordPress on linux

In this article, we will look at how to install and configure WordPress on linux. We will go through all the points from updating the server to configuring the web server and wordpress itself.

Free WordPress

Creating configuring and launching a website on WordPress FREE

Nowadays, every school/college/university needs its own website, but few government agencies are willing to allocate subsidies for the creation and maintenance of a website.


For what better to use WordPress?

If you need to create a website for your small business and it doesn't matter what it is for: a blog, a brand or an online store, then WordPress will be a great start. Even if you do not have knowledge in the IT, it will not hurt you to install this engine and configure it for yourself.

pros and cons wordpress

What is pros and cons of a WordPress site?

In modern site building, a lot depends on the correct choice of software for the site, the so-called "engine". In this mini-review, I will dwell in more detail on the pros and cons of the WordPress CMS.