Information about NextJS and video installation method

​In today's article we will talk about one very useful framework in the development of web applications, namely NextJS. You will find out what it is, when it is used, what advantages it has, and also briefly analyze how it works and the installation method. About everything just below 


Information about the Monit monitoring tool

​We continue the topic of monitoring tools and applications.


What is a Cockpit and why is it needed?

​What is a Cockpit? Cockpit is a very convenient tool for monitoring (remote) your server. With it, you can administer linux virtual servers via a web browser. 


Why do I need and how do I connect Nagios to the server?

​What is Nagios? Nagios is a monitoring service for computer and server systems and networks, services, etc. Nowadays, networks and systems are becoming more and more complex, which makes it difficult for even the best system administrator to work.


Information about WonderCMS

​What is WonderCMS? WonderCMS is the smallest CMS that allows you to edit content on the spot.  It is considered the smallest in the world and at the time of writing its weight is 48KB. This includes tables, files, and so on.