What is PostgreSQL and how does it work?

PostgreSQL is an object—relational database management system (ORDBMS), the most developed open DBMS in the world. It has an open source code and is an alternative to commercial databases.


What is Docker and how to work with it?

Docker is a containerization technology for rapid development, testing and deployment of applications.


What are Snap, Snap Store and Snapcraft and why are they needed?

​Let's deal with everything that concerns Snap in order.


What is Minio Object Storage and how does it work

​ Minio - allows the user to create his own server for storing data. With it, you can easily organize a data warehouse, as it has an elementary configuration, good performance and other advantages.


Why is email mailing important for companies and what should be avoided?

Every company that is based on the Internet should somehow advertise itself and remind customers about themselves. Facebook Instagram, Google, and others are even included in the list of these companies.