Security Advisories


Why is Syspass needed and where is it used?

​Earlier, we have already discussed several times the issues related to network security and today we will return to this topic again.


ModSecurity for Apache what is it and how to install it?

​As has been discussed many times, security is a key aspect on the internet, and especially it concerns your websites and applications. Today we will talk about how you can secure your web environment and what kind of tool will help you with this.


Using Suricata on your system

​Earlier, we discussed aspects of Internet security, a lot was said about utilities for monitoring your system and how to protect yourself and your system. Today we will raise the topic of security again and talk about Suricata. 


KeeWeb as a way to store passwords and logins in 2023

​What is KeeWeb? KeeWeb is a cross-platform password manager that you can use on any platform and online. Supports themes, layouts, data synchronization, etc. 


The best antiviruses

We all need antiviruses to prevent data leakage or computer damage. However, sometimes there is a difficult choice which antivirus you need to take and why it?