Why are viruses dangerous to business and how to avoid them?


In today's world, where business increasingly depends on digital technologies, server security is a key aspect for any company. Viruses and malicious software can cause serious damage to your business by compromising sensitive data and undermining customer trust.

Main information

Viruses on the server are programs designed to gain unauthorized access to the system, steal data, or destroy it. They can get to the server through infected files, email, or software vulnerabilities. Viruses can also get into your system when you or one of the employees is just roaming the Internet. Viruses are very dangerous and can infect your system at any time, which is why it is important to use antiviruses and constantly update the antivirus database. You can read more about it here.

How the virus works

Viruses can work covertly without showing obvious signs of their presence. They can deactivate antivirus programs, create backdoors for remote access, or encrypt data for extortion. Viruses can also block websites and web browsers. For example, you may suspect that you have a Miner (read more about viruses here.) and when you go to the browser and write “How to check if there is a miner”, the web browser will simply close. Also, most likely you will not be able to use an antivirus or it will simply not find the miner. 

Why do people use antiviruses

Using antivirus software helps prevent virus infection, detect and remove malware, and protect valuable data. In addition, some antiviruses offer users an extended package, for example, you can use cloud storage of your data so that if you have infected the system with a virus and you are being blackmailed, then simply do not communicate with scammers and restore everything from the cloud. However, a very small part of antiviruses offers this, and therefore we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our offers!

Business Benefits

Virus protection of servers helps to preserve the company's reputation, ensures the continuity of business processes and protects the confidentiality of client data. In addition, when your business provides good protection, you will increase the number of customers, since not every company is worried about protecting customer data.


Server security is not just a precaution, but a necessity to protect your business. Regular software updates, the use of reliable antiviruses and system monitoring are key elements in the fight against viruses.

MivoCloud Services

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