Information about DokuWiki

Earlier in our blog, we discussed a lot of things, for example, monitoring systems or various CMS and CRM systems that facilitate the work of the administrator and employees in general. Today we will talk about a fairly useful system, namely DokuWiki.


What is a MEAN Stack and why is it needed?

MEAN Stack is a popular set of technologies used to create web applications. This technology stack consists of four main components: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js.


Vtiger CRM is useful to whom and what is it created for?

Previously, we have already looked at various CRM systems and how they help users in their work. Today we will look at another CRM system that you can install on your server for more convenience in work. This CRM system is free and offers various functions for customer relationships.


Akaunting: a free program for business

​Earlier, we discussed various tools and programs that will be useful to system administrators and just users. Today we will discuss a very important business program that will allow you to manage financial processes.


NTOPNG: What is it and how to install it

​Today we will analyze one of the very useful monitoring tools, namely Ntopng - you will find out what it is, who needs it, what advantages it has and how to install it?