VPS vs Dedicated which one better?

What is the difference between virtual server and dedicated server? A virtual server or VPS provides you with a small area on the server for use, which you can modify and use various operating systems on it.  There are two main virtualization technologies: KVM and OpenVZ


What is the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0?

Everyone uses the Internet without thinking about how it works and what will happen in the future. However, everything is evolving and therefore, over time, the Internet will also change.

Winvods vs linux

Windows And Linux which one is better?

Every user once asks himself the question: Which is better to use Linux or Windows?


For what better to use WordPress?

If you need to create a website for your small business and it doesn't matter what it is for: a blog, a brand or an online store, then WordPress will be a great start. Even if you do not have knowledge in the IT, it will not hurt you to install this engine and configure it for yourself.

Best Themes Wordpress2022

The difference between themes and the best WordPress themes 2022

If you are a wordpress user, then you are aware of an incredibly large number of themes available for your site. There are both free and paid themes, but sometimes it is difficult to find really good themes that will perfectly fit your needs. Which themes are better to use: free or paid?