RAM for the server or RAM with ECC

RAM for servers is different from normal RAM. However, what the differences are may not be entirely clear. A little below we will give a list of differences and answer the question - is it possible to use RAM for a server on a regular computer. 


Cooling of computers and servers

A cooler is two elements connected to each other, namely a fan and a radiator. There are different coolers from the cheapest, which can only cool processors with 2 cores and up to dropsy. 


Julia as a programming language

Julia programming language - this language is high-level with dynamic typing and it was created for mathematical calculations, but you can also write general-purpose programs on it. 


Information about AMD and Intel sockets

A socket (CPU socket) is a connector of the central processor in the motherboard designed to install a processor in it.  Content


Is OpenLiteSpeed the best web server for VPS?

OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) is a high-performance web server that can handle more than a hundred thousand simultaneous connections and is not demanding of hardware. Content