What can be placed on VPS & VDS?


Usually, servers are rented either by individual users who want to host their website or something else. Or companies that vitally need to have their own platform on the Internet so that they do not lose to competitors. However, not everyone knows that not just a website can be placed on the server, but, for example, a platform for communication between employees and so on can also be installed. In this article we will look at what can be placed on the server.

What is hosted on the server?

Users can place anything they want on the server. Whether it's a database, a teamspeak server, a rocketchat, a website, or something else. As a rule, companies that rent servers host a lot of applications there that help in their work. For example, companies that are engaged in calling customers place a database, a CRM system, an application for calling on the server and after that connect each user separately.

From personal experience, I can say that many companies use an external means to communicate with employees. For example, they can use Skype, Slack with an external server, and so on. At the same time, it will be more prudent and safer to use a communication application that will be placed on your server. Thanks to this, you will be able to restrict the access of your employees so that they can use it only from the workspace, and you can also track correspondence and so on.

And so the list of what is usually posted is as follows

  • Website hosting
  • Mail server
  • Game server
  • IP Telephony Server
  • Virtual Workspace
  • Databases/data backup
  • Own VPN
  • Bots for messengers

This is not all that can be placed on VPS and VDS, but perhaps we will limit ourselves to this and go through each item, although we have already discussed a lot of this in other articles.

Website hosting

You can host the site on your own server, but it will be more profitable to host the site on a VPS or VDS. What exactly to place depends on how large an influx of clients you have and how long you want to use this server.

If you are going to use the server on a permanent basis, take VDS. It has better characteristics than VPS and will not break under a large influx of customers, it also has protection against DDoS attacks.

If the site is created by an ordinary user or a novice programmer, or if you need to show how the site that you created to order will work, then feel free to rent a VPS. VPS is great for hosting a website for a short period of time because the payment is hourly and it can also be quickly configured.

Mail server

Every company has a need to send letters to its customers. This is necessary for the purposes of advertising, notification of changes, and so on. It would seem that you can freely use the same Google or another mail service, but the best solution would be your own separate server.

Thanks to your mail server, you will be able to send out mailings and control all the letters that you receive. For example, a partner can write to you by mail and if his letter can get into spam when using the mail service, then you will not allow this on your mail server. This is due to the fact that some IP addresses get into spam due to constant mailing, which is carried out from one server.

You can get into the same situation if you rent a VPS and send out a newsletter. In the case of creating a mail server, it is better to rent a VDS.

Also, your mail server has a lot of advantages. An example is a unique domain mail address, restrictions on access to mail among employees, easy creation of new email addresses and users. In general, there are many advantages that users who use their own mail server receive.

Game server

It is impossible to ignore the fact that games are pure money-making. It is with such thoughts that people create their own unique game servers and some even earn good money on it. If suddenly you are going to open your game server (No matter what game) then you will need it to be available 24/7.

It doesn't make sense to build a physical server for this, and therefore it's better for you to rent a virtual server. Many users initially used VPS servers because they can fit a certain number of players and the game will be quite pleasant.

However, if more than 100 players will play on your server, it is better to rent a VDS.

VDS will be able to retain a large number of users, and also it is not subject to restrictions by the provider, which is why it will not be disabled. At the same time, the VPS has restrictions on actions, which is why it is unlikely to keep more than 64 people on it, because the provider will be dissatisfied with such resource consumption.

So we get that if you want to open a server to play on it with friends, it's better to use a VPS. However, if you are going to open a server for hundreds or more players, it is better to rent a VDS and not worry about the restrictions imposed by the provider.

IP Telephony Server

VPS can be used as a VoIP server to make calls over the Internet. For calls over the Internet, programs are used that are installed on the server.

Why do they rent a server instead of using their physical one? The thing is that in order to place programs that will allow you to call, you need power. As a rule, physical servers are used with a small margin of capacity and these capacities will not be spent on IP telephony programs.

It will be much more profitable to rent a VPS to place programs for calling there.

Virtual Workspace

Perfect for a team of programmers, designers and other personalities who need to interact with each other. Placing the project on the server will allow users to work with it at a convenient time, and you can always track who last visited and what changes were made.

This is very useful so that no employee can carry away confidential data, and also so that all employees have constant access to work.

For the placement of the workspace, VDS is perfect for you. Why not a VPS? The fact is that if you are going to use large capacities, then it will not work because of physical limitations, as well as restrictions imposed by the provider.All this if you rent a vps with a shared processor.

If with a dedicated processor, there will be no questions. The main thing is that you can calculate the necessary capacities for the implementation of your project, whether it is a program or something else.

Databases / Backup server

Place your data on rented servers

This is probably one of the best tips, since hosting data on a separate server has many advantages. For example, in the case of a hacker attack, you will not lose customer data because they are placed on a separate server altogether. You don't have to worry about the server backup in case you downloaded a virus or hackers also harmed your system. The backup is located on a rented server, which is secure and to which no one can access except you.

Not so long ago, there were a lot of hacker attacks on websites and user data was stolen, have you heard about this? This often appears in the news and sites from which data was stolen lose their visitors. To prevent this from happening to you, it is best to rent a separate VPS/VDS server and place a database of your users there.

It is better to rent a VDS since it has protection against Ddos attacks and ordering hosting management will personally solve problems with attacks.


Many users currently use a VPN because they want to circumvent restrictions or for other reasons. And companies, in turn, will benefit from using their own VPN to provide access to remote employees.

It is very convenient to provide access to the workspace through your VPN. Because without it you will not be able to connect.

From personal experience, I can say that this type of connection to the workspace is very effective. No one will be able to connect to your server on which the work will take place, as well as a VPN created on VDS will deter Ddos attacks and clearly slow down hackers.

Bots for messengers

Currently, there are bots in every telegram/discord channel that help users. The creators of these bots make a profit for their use and you can also do it.

To do this, it will be enough to come up with a unique bot and have programming skills to write code. However, in order for your bot to work constantly and be able to help users, it must be placed on the server. VPS is best suited for this because of the hourly rate. Many bot creators use VPS servers, which is why they get a stable profit.


In this article, we discussed with you how servers are usually used and in which cases it is better to use VDS or VPS. This was the first part of this type of article and in the future we will give more examples of using VPS/VDS and also show you how all these applications are installed.

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