VPS vs Dedicated which one better?


What is the difference between virtual server and dedicated server? A virtual server or VPS provides you with a small area on the server for use, which you can modify and use various operating systems on it. 

There are two main virtualization technologies: KVM and OpenVZ

KVM - Implements a complete analogue of the physical core, provides access to hardware resources. It provides a wide range of possibilities, which is why it can even be considered a replacement for Dedicated server. 

It is this technology that WE provide to users when they rent a vps server, we will not describe the second technology. it is worse than KVM. 

Virtual Server (VPS) 

This type of server is very useful when it comes to rental speed or when you are not going to use the server on a permanent basis. For example, you are the owner of an online store and your hosting suddenly experienced an emergency due to which your store is unavailable. So that you can quickly bring it back to life, it is best to rent a virtual server on which you will host your site until the main one is repaired. In this case, vps is best suited because it can be quickly rented and placed on it with everything you need, while on a dedicated server it will take time for it to start functioning.

Also, if you want your site / server to work intermittently (let's say there is no such need), then renting a vps is also great because such servers can be turned off and you pay only for renting an IP address and disk space.

It is important to mention that this type of server is paid by the hour, which also allows you to save money and not immediately spend large sums on server rental.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server will cost you more than a virtual server, whether you use it or not. This type of server has a fixed payment once a month, and it often takes from 15 to 45 minutes to set it up and so on. (However, our server is set up quickly and you will get it ready in 5-10 minutes).

Why do people then use dedicated servers when virtual ones are so convenient and simple? And the thing is that on virtual servers you share one physical server (or several if we are talking about the cloud) with a certain number of users. 

Also on virtual servers there are limitations in the characteristics that you can rent. Thus, you will not be able to place a large amount of information on your server unless you rent an additional data storage. 


Difference between VPS and Dedicated server


  • VPS- Hourly
  • Dedicated - Once a month

Server shutdown

  • VPS - Pay only for renting IP and disk space
  • Dedicated - Regardless of whether it works or not you pay


  • VPS - Can be rented with a limit of up to 1 TB of HDD storage , small number of cores (8) and low amount of RAM (8 GB)
  • Dedicated - Can be rented with a small amount of memory, cores and RAM. And the maximum quantity (in our service) is 1 TB HDD / 250 GB SSD 20 cores and 64 GB of RAM

Creation speed

  • VPS -The best solution if you need to quickly rent a server
  • Dedicated - It takes longer to create than VPS because it includes more components


  • VPS - No full control over components
  • Dedicated - Have full control and isolate your site because of this


If you want to rent a server for a short time and not spend a lot of money on it, or if you need to rent a server that you will not use constantly, then your choice should fall on VPS. And in the case when you need a lot of space for placing information or for the simultaneous interaction of many programs and so that nothing slows down, it is better to use Dedicated server. 

Both of these options are good for work and the main difference between them lies in the price and characteristics of the components. So it all depends on your needs and desires, but I’ll tell you right away that if you are going to host some large projects that will load the processor at 100% on an ongoing basis, then choose Dedicated Server. usually hosting providers prohibit loading VPS systems in this way.