How to replace HPE and where to store cloud data now?


At the moment, many companies store their data in a local environment (About 60-70 percent). This can be very impractical and cause some inconvenience due to the impossibility of remote interaction with them. In order for you to work with your data safely, you will need to transfer it to the cloud.

The cloud allows you to work with data in peace, and also not worry about someone getting access to it. As a rule, it is very difficult to access the cloud from outside if the administrator has configured everything correctly. You can rent a cloud storage and place the necessary files on it, but it will be safer to rent a server on which you will place just the cloud storage.

Which server is better to rent to host the cloud? Which cloud should I install on the server? What can replace HPE? In this article you will find answers to these questions.

Which server to rent?

In order to host your data, you can rent a cloud, for example, Yandex cloud or Google Cloud. There you can place your data and give access to work with them to a certain circle of users, but this is not always convenient.

For example, you are going to place a database of several TB in such a cloud storage. It will cost you a pretty penny because the more space you need, the more you will have to pay.

You can rent a server there are special servers that are designed to store data. You can find it here And also you can simply create a server, for example a VPS, and host a cloud on it. This will help you even if sanctions are imposed on your country.

For example, you can use ownCloud or NextCloud. You can install these cloud services on your server and use them without worrying about restrictions because you will use the IP address of another country. It is easy to do this by renting a server from us and choosing one of the available regions (Russia, Moldova, Romania, USA).

Which server to rent depends on the amount of data that you are going to place on it. If you are going to place only up to 1 TB of memory, it is better to rent a VPS, but if you are going to place a large amount of data, it is better to rent a VDS or Dedicated Storage Server. This comes out of course more expensive than a regular server, but it is such servers that can easily accommodate a large amount of data and will not slow down when working with them.

Which cloud solution to install on the server and what can replace HPE??

In fact, there are many options for what can be installed on the server and what you can use as a cloud solution. However, I will show you two options that absolutely everyone can use and they are easy to install and configure.



By clicking on these links, you can read the instructions for installing them.


There are a lot of options for storing data and easy work with them. All you need for this is your server and a cloud solution installed on the server. You can configure everything yourself or rent a server that is already ready for hosting and storing data. In any case, it is better for you to be able to work with cloud services and understand their principle of operation. For a more pleasant work, you can choose which solution you should use yourself. From the ones I tested, I can advise you NextCloud, it is built on the basis of ownCloud. It is a free cloud solution that is very convenient to use. You can easily give access to employees, add files, and so on.