Installing and configuring Cpanel on CentOS


In this article, we will talk about the Cpanel server control panel. We will look at how to install Cpanel? How to use Cpanel for free? What is the use of this control panel and how to work with it.

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Why do I need Cpanel?

This control panel helps you work with the server and allows you to use a nice interface instead of the command line. With Cpanel, you can configure the server in a few minutes, add and remove sites, add SSL certificates, and so on. Many people use this control panel due to its convenience, but it should be understood that it is distributed on a paid basis. Yes, the first 15 days will be free, but they are provided for informational purposes only. So that the user can fully experience what advantages he will get by purchasing this control panel.

How to install Cpanel?

The installation of this control panel is very simple, and it does not require you to enter a lot of commands. To install, you will need to enter the following commands:

Yum update && yum upgrade - check for updates and install them.


Cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

- navigates to the root folder and then starts downloading the installation script. When the script is downloaded, it will automatically start.


You need to be prepared for a long wait because downloading all components can be long.

Configuring Cpanel on the website

After you have downloaded the control panel and it is installed, you can go to the website.


This will take you to the Cpanel control panel.

Here you will need to log in using the login data to the server.

After that, you will be transferred to the authorization in the Cpanel account.

You are required to log in to Cpanel to continue working. If suddenly you don't have an account, you can create one there.

This means that the trial version is activated and will be available for 15 days.

The next step will be to add an email address as well as a hosting that needs to be managed.

After you have entered everything, the Cpanel start page will open in front of you.

How to use Cpanel for free?

Initially, you are offered a free period of 15 days, and in order to extend the functionality of this control panel, you will have to buy a license. Is it possible to use only the free version somehow? In principle, you can reinstall this control panel every 15 days and then it will be free. However, this is the stupidest way possible and the best way to pay for a license.

The answer to whether it is possible to use Cpanel for free is that it is possible, but only for 15 days.

What is the use of this control panel?

Cpanel will allow you to monitor all the work of the server, and also has many other advantages. Of the most important advantages , you can specify the following:

  • Includes many programs
  • Allows you to create an SSL certificate
  • Helps in managing server packages
  • Sends notifications by email
  • Constantly monitors the server and the site

These were indicated as one of the main advantages, which are undoubtedly more in this control panel. Using it, you get full control with a user-friendly interface for your server.


There are so many advantages in this control panel that it will be difficult to describe them all in one article, just like describing all the functionality. In order to learn more, you should install it on your server and try to work with it. This control panel is worth the money spent on it, which undoubtedly pays off with a vengeance.

Also, you can always read the information on the official website so that you have fewer questions. And if you need a server that will work stably, and also will not be expensive, you can look at our offers.