What is the difference between an NVME server and a regular one


In a world where speed and efficiency of data processing play a key role, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) servers represent a new stage in the development of server technologies. They differ from traditional servers by offering improved performance and speed.

Main information

NVMe is a protocol designed specifically for SSDs (solid—state drives), which allows you to fully unlock the potential of high-speed interfaces such as PCIe. Unlike traditional servers that often use SATA or SAS interfaces, NVMe servers provide faster data access and reduced latency.

How it works

NVMe servers use a parallel architecture that allows thousands of commands to be processed simultaneously, while traditional servers with HDD or SSD based on SATA/SAS are limited to a sequential queue of commands. This leads to a significant acceleration of read/write operations. Of course, NVMe has its drawbacks, for example, a write limit, and if you constantly have deletions/writes on your server, then this can negatively affect performance. That is why we recommend renting such servers and using cloud solutions, so you will save yourself from the constant need to update servers and maintain them.

Why do people use it

Professionals choose NVMe servers for high-performance tasks such as large databases, intensive computing, and real-time processing of large amounts of data. The speed of applications, website downloads, and data processing increases, and even if you gain 1 second in this way, it can significantly affect your business.

Business Benefits

For businesses, using NVMe servers can mean speeding up applications, reducing page loading time, and improving the overall user experience. It can also lead to lower maintenance costs by reducing the number of physical servers needed. In addition, if your site or application loads faster than your competitors, then you will get clear advantages.

MivoCloud Services

MivoCloud offers high-quality NVMe servers that ensure maximum performance and reliability. Our services include round-the-clock support and a guarantee of uninterrupted operation, which makes us an ideal partner for your business.


The choice between NVMe and traditional servers depends on the specific needs of your business. NVMe servers offer significant advantages in speed and performance, which can be a crucial factor for companies working with large amounts of data.