Video cards and information about them


A video card is an optional tool for PCs or servers. Allows you to run graphically heavy processes such as: games, video editing, photo processing and others. 

In today's article we will talk just about video cards: 

  • Which ones are there? 
  • Who needs them and when? 
  • How much should I take? 
  • Which video card should I choose for a gaming PC in 2023? 

We will discuss these issues and hook on some other issues, including.  

Have fun reading! 

What video cards are there? 

In fact, at the moment everyone uses video cards. They are simply divided into two types - integrated and portable. 

Integrated - they are located in the processor itself and allow you to see the desktop, launch some applications that are light from a graphical point of view, for example, a browser and view videos in it.  

Portable - We will talk about them today, this type of video card is inserted into a separate expansion slot in the motherboard and allows you to use applications that are already heavy from a graphical point of view. This type of application includes games, video editing, photo processing, etc. 

Who needs them and when? 

Portable video cards are needed by gamers, designers, editors, photographers, some programmers and others. Next, I will explain why each of this category needs video cards. 


Needs a video card because almost all modern games are demanding on the amount of video memory and speed. Of course, they can use the built-in graphics, for example, as in Ryzen7 7700x, but even though the applications will start, they will not transmit the image as they should. FPS will suffer, and the games themselves will slow down very much. That is why gamers buy themselves Radeon RX 6800 XT video cards, which have a large amount of memory (16 GB) and easily download modern games with good FPS and an excellent picture. 


This video card is necessary for people in connection with their work. Since design is a rather complicated thing and the applications that the designer will use can be very costly in terms of resources, they need a portable video card. With its help, they can facilitate the work of the PC and work much faster. This category is suitable for video cards with a capacity of 4 GB and above. 


The next category is people who live by editing videos. These include: YouTubers, ticktockers, people creating 3d animations and many others. In their work, it is very important that the system works not just quickly, but efficiently and does not overload. For example, if the system is overloaded during video rendering, green stripes may appear on the final result in certain areas. This is due to the overload of video memory and the inability to process the video section normally. In modern realities of this category, video cards from 8 GB of video memory are required. 

For photographers 

In principle, the reasons are the same as for the editors, but with video memory everything is a little easier. However, you probably don't need this amount of video memory and 4 GB will do. Everything depends in this case on the number of photos that you are going to process at a time. 


Programmers are in the category of people who need a portable video card because some projects require its presence in a PC. This is due to the fact that programmers can work on applications and games that they need to test, and for this they need to actually run them. Running a game or a heavy graphical application will be difficult or even impossible with an integrated graphical shell. That is why programmers use video cards from 4 GB of memory. 

There are, of course, many other professions that need a good video card on board their computer. However, it will take a long time to list everyone, so we gave an example of probably the most popular areas where a video card is needed. 

How much should I take? 

The answer to this question lies a little higher. In the description of those who need a video card and there is information about the amount of memory.  

But despite this, I will point out that the more video memory the better, but do not forget about the BUS. The memory bus of the video card is a special channel that acts as a memory connector and a graphics processor. This indicator certainly affects the performance of the card and in fact can be a very important aspect in choosing a video card.

For example, if you can choose a video card with a capacity of 4 GB and a 256 bus or an 8 GB video card with a 64 bus, then you should take the one with a higher bus. Its performance and operability will be many times better than that of a 64-bit bus.  

Which video card to choose for a gaming PC in 2023?

A gaming computer in 2023 is a very powerful thing that will consume a lot of energy, have a high temperature and there will also be a lot of requirements. However, in order to build a good gaming computer, you should not save on a video card, and according to the games that have been released since 2018, you will need a video card with a capacity of 8 GB or more.  

Although according to tests, 8 GB is not enough even for GTA 5, which was released back in 2013. If you are going to launch game novelties like GTA 6, Sons of forest, new parts of Assasins creed, etc. Then you will need a video card with a capacity of 12 GB or more. Also, it is these video cards that open the entrance to 2K gaming for you, and video cards with a volume of 16 GB or more provide an entrance to 4k gaming.  

But do not rush to buy video cards that came out at the beginning of 2023, because although they are productive, they are very heated, which can slow down and interfere with enjoying the game. It's better to try something that others use, for example Radeon RX 6900 XT or GeForce RTX 4090. These video cards came out not so long ago and will be supported for a long time, and also with their help you will experience a lot of fun. 


In this article, we have considered what a video card is, as well as some issues related to it. Now you can start choosing a video card (if you need one) and build a good system. We have also reviewed other PC and server components, and you can read everything in our blog!