TinyCP user-friendly web control panel


In the era of digitalization, when server management is becoming increasingly complex, TinyCP acts as a lightweight and powerful solution. It is a web-based control panel for Linux that offers simplicity and convenience without compromising functionality.

Main information

TinyCP is a web-based control panel for Linux systems, which is characterized by its lightness and does not overload the system. It provides a wide range of functions, from package and user management to configuring web servers and databases, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Even a novice system administrator will be able to figure out how to work with it thanks to its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

What is TinyCP and how does it work

TinyCP works as a centralized interface that allows administrators to manage various aspects of the server through a browser. It supports many services, including Apache, NGINX, PHP, and also provides the ability to manage email accounts, databases, and server security. It has everything or almost everything a system administrator needs and with its help you will work more productively spending less time.

Why do people use TinyCP

TinyCP is popular due to:

  • Easy to install and use: The intuitive interface simplifies server management.
  • Lightweight: Low resource requirements make it ideal for use on all types of servers.
  • Security: Built-in security features protect the server and data.

What advantages will this give to your business?

Using TinyCP can bring the following benefits to a business:

  1. Time saving: Fast and convenient server management reduces administration time.
  2. Cost reduction: There is no need for additional equipment or licenses.
  3. Flexibility: Support for a wide range of services and applications provides flexibility in management.


TinyCP is an excellent solution for those who are looking for a lightweight and functional control panel for Linux. Its simplicity, safety and versatility make it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.