The fastest RAM in the world


At the moment, almost all servers use the DDR5-4800 memory standard. This standard of memory in the near future will be displaced by a completely new species that surpasses its ancestor many times.

Currently, SK hynix has introduced DDR5 MCR DIMM RAM

This memory is considered to be the fastest to date.


MCR DIMM is a dual-rank memory, which is designed jointly by Intel and Renesas. In the modules of this memory, two ranks are serviced at once, for this purpose a special data buffer between DRAM and CPU is used.

This approach allows you to send twice as much information towards the processor, which is why a significant increase in the speed of the modules is achieved without overclocking them.

In principle, it is expected that this memory will be in demand in the server environment, but no one has given release dates yet.