OrientDB: Graph database for modern applications


OrientDB is a powerful graph database that combines a graph data model, object—oriented programming, and document data storage. This database helps its users in many aspects. In this article, we will look at the main aspects of OrientDB, its functionality and advantages.

Main information

What is OrientDB: It is a multifunctional database designed to process related data. It supports graph model, documents, key-value and object-oriented data.

How it works: OrientDB uses a hybrid approach, combining a graph model with documents. You can create vertices and edges, as well as store data in document format.

Why people use OrientDB:

  • Flexibility: Focusing on graphs and documents allows you to effectively model a variety of data types.
  • Query Speed: OrientDB provides fast data access thanks to indexes and optimized queries.
  • Scalability: It supports horizontal scaling and replication.

Benefits for your business

  1. Modeling flexibility: OrientDB allows you to create complex relationships between data, which is useful for projects with diverse requirements.
  2. High performance: Fast queries and the ability to work with large amounts of data make OrientDB attractive for business.
  3. Reliability and fault tolerance: OrientDB supports replication and automatic disaster recovery.


OrientDB is a powerful tool for developers and businesses. If you are looking for a flexible and productive database, pay attention to OrientDB.

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