Munin a good monitoring solution


Munin is a powerful resource monitoring tool that helps you analyze resource usage trends and solve performance issues. The name comes from Scandinavian mythology, where Munin is one of two ravens serving Odin, the god of wisdom, war and death. Translated from Old Norse, “Munin“ means "memory".

Main information

Munin provides the ability to monitor the entire network of computers, storing and displaying the collected information in the form of graphs via a web interface. This makes it an ideal tool for quickly identifying performance changes and scheduling resource capacity.

What is Munin and how does it work

Munin uses a “master/node” architecture, where the master connects to each node on a regular basis, requesting data. The data is then saved in RRD files, and the graphs are updated if necessary. One of the main goals of Munin was to facilitate the creation of new plug-ins (graphs).

Why do people use Munin

Munin is chosen for its ease of installation and use, as well as its ability to scale from monitoring small home networks to large clusters of hundreds of nodes. Users appreciate the ability to receive real alerts and flexibility in monitoring various services.

Benefits for your business

Using Munin can significantly improve the performance and reliability of your business's IT infrastructure. Systematic monitoring helps prevent problems before they occur, saving time and resources. In addition, Munin makes it easy to expand the functionality by writing its own plugins.

Installation method

We have shot a video that will show you the whole installation method, enjoy watching


Munin is a tool that makes resource monitoring accessible and efficient. It provides a complete picture of network performance and allows you to quickly respond to changes.

Our services in MivoCloud

At MivoCloud, we offer professional Munin configuration and support services, ensuring maximum performance and stability of your IT infrastructure. Our experts will help you customize monitoring to meet the individual needs of your business by providing a reliable and scalable monitoring system.