Creating a GTA 5 server


Many users want to create their own server, be it GTA RP or some other mode, and in this article I will show you how to create your own server and what it will take.

What will be required?

  1. Hosting
  2. Ability to work with SSH and set a secure protocol
  3. Select the desired OS. I'll show you an example on linux
  4. Ability to work with databases
  5. Know PHP (Well, or use ready-made codes from the Internet)
  6. Understand scripting (Optional)
  7. Knowledge of English
  8. Licensed GTA 5
  9. Firezilla
  10. Putty

A brief guide

Initially, we choose the hosting on which our server will be located, I will use our service to show how everything works.

After creating a server on Linux OS Ubuntu 20.04 (This is the version I use), we need to install a MySQL database.(I advise you to familiarize yourself completely with the setup and how best to limit your project from dangers)

It is also easiest to work through the putty program to configure the server via the command console. To use this program, you will need to install SSH keys on your hosting server, you can ask your provider (We have them installed initially and it's easy to connect).
After logging into the console and installing the database, we will need to enter the following commands for the server to work.

  1. Apt-get update check for updates
  2. Apt-get upgrade download updates
  3. Apt-get install mysql-server database installation
  4. apt-get install phpmyadmin [space]+[tab]+[enter] when selecting apache2 and come up with a complex password in which there will be large and small letters, numbers and special characters.
  5. apt-get install build-essential checkinstall
  6. apt-get install libssl-dev
  7. Apt install nodejs
  8. Installing NVM wget | bash
  9. Restart the terminal with the command - source ~/.profile
  10. We check the operability using nvm --version
  11. nvm ls-remote list of all available versions
  12. node -v shows the current version
  13. nvm install *version*, specify the version that the node-v
  14. add-apt-repository -y ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test (everything is written without spaces except -y)
  15. apt update && sudo apt install libstdc++6
  16. Go to the root folder cd /home
  17. Creating the mkdir server folder
  18. Go to it cd server
  19. Now download Rage MP wget
  20. Unpacking the tar -xzf server files linux_x64.tar.gz
  21. We enter the cd ragemp-srv folder created after unpacking
  22. We start the server so that the configuration file - ./ragemp-server appears
  23. Now download the firezilla program
  24. We get access to the server through firezilla and configure conf.json (It is located on the path /home/server/ragemp-srv) select it and click “Edit”

Video Instructions

Now you can download ready-made assemblies and move them to your server with just throwing them into the root folder, but do not forget to change your email and password.

You can download ready-made assemblies here:
Ready-made scripts for the server

Using this guide, you can create your GTA 5 RP server in just 10-15 minutes. You can also create not only a RP, but also a server of another type, there are 10 of them in total, and I will list each below.

  • Roleplay - is a roleplaying game, that is, everyone plays a certain role. 
  • Freeroam — Free Game World
  • Deathmatch — Regular PVP
  • Teamdeathmatch — Team PVP
  • Race — Racing
  • Drift — Drift
  • Derby — Derby
  • Trucking — Cargo Transportation (Hello Euro Truck Simulator)
  • Copsandrobbers — Cops and Robbers
  • Gangwar — Group War

Detailed guide

As I said in the short guide, you will need to choose the hosting on which you will host the server. You need to pay attention to the power of the servers, resistance to DDOS, disk volumes and, of course, to the price.

After you have chosen the necessary hosting, you will need to install a Linux system on the server (Ubuntu 20.04 is the version I use) and then we will need to update the server. This can be done using the following commands:

Apt-get update

Apt-get upgrade

After you have updated the server and all components of its system, you need to install a framework in which all user data will be available. To do this, enter the apt install mysql-server command - this way we will install the database. We agree on all points by pressing Y.

Next, we need to install the php panel to do this, enter the command apt install phpmyadmin
After you have entered this command, you will also need to agree with everything by pressing Y. Next, when selecting Apache 2, press Tab + space+enter at the same time and come up with a complex password for the root user.

It must include small and large letters, numbers and special symbols.

Each installation will eat up some space on your disk

Next, we will install a few more required libraries using the commands:

  • apt-get install build-essential checkinstall
  • apt-get install libssl-dev
  • apt-get install nodejs

Now that everything is installed, we will need to download NVM [ Node Version Manager ] for convenient operation and changing node versions

Wget | bash

After entering this command, we wait for the installation to finish and re-enter the terminal or simply enter the command:

source ~/.profile

Now we need to check the operability of the installed components, find out the node version and install it. All these actions are carried out with the help of commands:

  • nvm --version Checking the operability of
  • nvm ls-remote list of all available versions
  • node -v shows the current version
  • nvm install *version*, specify the version that the node -v command showed you

When all of the above is done, we will need to install a couple of repositories and another library, we do this with:

add-apt-repository -y ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test (everything is written without spaces except -y)
apt update && sudo apt install libstdc++6

When all of the above actions are done, we can start downloading server files. To do this, we need to create a folder where we will put it. Let's go to the root folder and create a new one there using the commands:

Cd /home go to the root folder
Mkdir server create a folder where we will place the server
Cd server go to the created folder

Now we can download the server archive here and unpack it to do this, enter the commands:

  • wget
  • tar -xzf linux_x64.tar.gz *Unpacking the server files *

After the archive has been unpacked, a new folder has been created, we enter the created folder with

cd ragemp-srv

Now we need to start the server so that all the necessary folders and files appear. We start the server using the command:


You can shut down the server using ctrl+c

Now we need to download the Firezilla program to work with server files and install scripts and other things on the server in the future. After installing the program, you will need to log in to the server using this program, there you will need the hostname or IP address of the server, login (root), password from the server and be sure to specify port 22 (if no other one was installed).

Next, you will need to configure the cons file.the json that is located on the path /home/server/ragemp-srv and after selecting it, click “Edit”

After editing the file (I edited it through a plain text file), you need to save it and accept the changes by checking the box as in the example above.

What data is in this file:

  • maxplayers — The maximum number of players who can connect to your server.
  • name — The name of your server.
  • gamemode is the name of the Mode, for example, Deathmatch
  • stream-distance is the scope of objects. (the higher the further it is visible)
  • announce — visibility of the server in the global search (true — yes \ false — no).
  • csharp — enabling script support for US#
  • port — The port number of your server for which players need to connect.

After you have configured this file, you can start the server and connect to it for this you will need to download RageRP
You need to download it to your PC and then you will be able to access your server, but you need to understand that your Grand Theft Auto 5 must be licensed otherwise nothing will work.


After reading this article, you probably realized that anyone can become the owner of the server, you will need a good powerful system. In principle, you can create your own server on your home PC, but this will require a very strong computer that can work without interruption, and this in turn will harm its components. Therefore, my advice to you is to use various kinds of hosting providers, whose servers you can use at full capacity and not worry about breakdowns and so on, for example, if something suddenly fails on your server, it will be instantly replaced and you will not even incur losses.

An important nuance in creating a server is the desire and opportunity to constantly develop, because To create your own personal scripts you will need to know the C# language and there are also many other nuances, but if you spend a week you can create your own unique GTA RP project that will bring profit and joy to users.