aaPanel: A convenient server control panel


aaPanel is a web-based control panel that simplifies server management and installation of LAMP/LEMP-based websites. It offers one-click installation, file management, software installation, security verification and other features for web developers and hosting providers.


aaPanel is a simple but powerful control panel for Linux servers. It allows you to easily manage the server through a web terminal, improving the efficiency of operations and maintenance.

Main information

aaPanel provides the following functions:

  • One-click installation: Create and manage web projects, deploy websites in a few minutes, bind domain names, install SSL and change the configuration of websites.
  • Server Resource Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of server load, which allows you to better understand its performance.
  • Convenient file manager: Support for uploading, downloading, archiving and unzipping files, as well as the ability to write code online.
  • One-click software installation: Through the web interface, you can easily manage the installation of server software and extensions.

Why do people use aaPanel

Simplicity and convenience: aaPanel is intuitive and installs in just 2 minutes.

Website Management: Creating and managing web projects, installing LEMP/LAMP, monitoring server resources.

Security: Checking 16 common server vulnerabilities, integration with free security tools.

Benefits for your business

  1. Efficiency: Simplified server management allows you to focus on business tasks.
  2. Security: Built-in security verification tools will help secure your server.
  3. Performance: Resource monitoring will help optimize server performance.


aaPanel is a reliable server management tool that makes life easier for web developers and hosting providers. Its simplicity, security and functionality make it an excellent choice for your business.