PHPBB what exactly is it and why is it necessary?


PHPBB is a free and open source web forum creation software written in PHP. The name PHPBB is short for PHP Bulletin Board. PHPBB allows you to create unique and powerful forums for your site or group. In this article, we will tell you what PHPBB is, how it works, why people use it, what benefits it will give your business, and what good services MivoCloud provides.

What is PHPBB and how does it work?

PHPBB is a forum management system that allows you to create and manage online communities. PHPBB supports various DBMSs, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, SQLite, and Oracle (if necessary). PHPBB has many features such as:

  • Registration and user profiles
  • Creation and moderation of sections and topics
  • Sending and editing messages
  • Attaching files and images
  • Private messages and notifications
  • Message search and filtering
  • User groups and roles
  • Access rights and security
  • Statistics and logs
  • Extensions and styles

PHPBB works on a client-server basis. The client is the user's browser that sends requests to the server where PHPBB is installed. The server processes requests, connects to the database, generates HTML pages and sends them back to the client. The client displays the pages and allows the user to interact with the forum.

Why do people use PHPBB?

PHPBB is one of the most popular and widespread solutions for creating forums. According to [BuiltWith], PHPBB has more than 300,000 sites worldwide. People choose PHPBB for various reasons, such as:

  1. Free and open. PHPBB is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2, which gives you the right to use, modify and distribute the software without restrictions.
  2. Simplicity and flexibility. PHPBB is easy to install, configure and adapt to your needs. PHPBB has an intuitive interface, supports multilingual and multicurrency, and allows you to create different types of forums, from general to specialized.
  3. Power and performance. PHPBB has high speed, reliability and security. PHPBB supports large amounts of data and traffic, has built-in protection mechanisms against spam, hacking and other attacks, and is regularly updated and improved.
  4. Extensibility and customization. PHPBB has an extensive database of custom extensions and styles that allow you to add new features and change the appearance of the forum. PHPBB also allows developers to create their own extensions and styles using the PHPBB API and documentation.

What benefits will PHPBB bring to your business?

PHPBB can be a useful tool for developing your business, as it will help you:

  • Build and strengthen communication with your customers and partners. PHPBB will allow you to create a platform for communication, sharing experiences, feedback, ideas, suggestions and problems. You will be able to receive feedback, improve your products and services, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • To attract and retain new customers and partners. PHPBB will allow you to expand your audience, increase the visibility and reputation of your business, present your advantages and competitive advantages, and create an image of an expert and leader in your field.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency. PHPBB will allow you to reduce the cost of advertising, marketing, support and customer service, as you will be able to use the forum as a channel for promotion, sales, training and support. You will also be able to optimize your business processes, improve productivity and quality of work, and eliminate errors and shortcomings.


PHPBB is a great choice for those who want to create their own web forum. PHPBB has many advantages such as free, simplicity, power, extensibility and customization. PHPBB will help you build and strengthen communication with your customers and partners, attract and retain new customers and partners, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business. MivoCloud is the best partner for your PHPBB forum, which will provide you with high-quality and reliable cloud services, flexible and favorable rates, professional and friendly support. Don't delay, start your PHPBB forum with MivoCloud today!